With over 70 years of experience we can design, engineer and execute any insulation installation.

We can perform on any project whether it is a one day, one man job or the insulation of a new power plant. We have the resources to meet our clients’ needs.

Call 412-771-0900 or 800-233-3232

New Construction

Whether it’s a new school or a new office building, we have the man power and materials to insulated them. Are you building a new power plant, we have done those. Is it a new natural gas facility, we are currently insulating many. We have the resources to keep your project on time and on budget. Allow us the opportunity to speak to you with our completed project lists.

Maintenance Contracting

We currently have numerous maintenance contracts with commercial and industrial facilities. We can provide men on a continuous basis or a crew during a shutdown. Whether it’s a single facility or multiple facilities, we have the men and experience to do that.

Energy Appraisal

Through an inspection of your facilities insulation systems, we will provide you with an estimated cost to repair or replace damaged or missing insulation. We would also provide you with energy savings after installation, thus allowing you to see the repayment time of your upgrades. We offer you this service free of charge.


ICRA(Infectious Control), Absolute Zero, MSHA, OSHA 30, OSHA 10, Local 2 (4 year apprenticeship training program)


We all know accidents happen. Whether a gasket lets go on a steam line or process line, or a tracer fails in the middle of winter, these things happen and when they do our response time is second to none. Shutting a system down to make repairs cost money in production and safety. Allow us the opportunity to get you back up and running.

Our response time is second to none, if you have an emergency please call:

Jerry Jones : 412-848-5826 (Industrial)
Joe Connolly : 412-670-2404 (Asbestos/Lead Abatement)
Mike Langsdorf : 412- 670-2406 (Commercial)